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Services Offered

The Clean you expect, the Service you deserve! 

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Do you carpets need cleaning then trust us here at Houston Pro Carpet Cleaning. We can use Steam to clean your carpets, which is a great cleaning method for people with allergies. For stuff or stubborn stains we use eco-friendly chemicals, we will thoroughly rinse the chemicals leaving your carpet feeling soft and plush on your bare feet.  Regular cleaning of your carpet's is recommended, talk about us about our loyalty program and get set up on a quarterly cleaning program. 

Tile and Grout cleaning

Want to renew and refresh your tile floor without replacing it? Get your tile and grout Steam cleaned. This cleaning process will help restore your tile to it original glory. We can clean tile in any room in your home. We can also steam clean laminate floors.  

Buffing floors 

Buffing natural stone or laminate floors will make them look new again. Normal wear and tear can remove the natural shine and luster to your floors, let us make them shine again. 

Wood floor care/cleaning

As wood floors age, they can loose some of their beauty and shine. We pride ourselves on making your wood floors look new again. The best way to keep your wood floors looking amazing is to have them professionally cleaned 4-6 times a year.  

We can make minor repairs as needed, even refinish your floor if needed.  

Commercial floor care/cleaning

Having clean floors at your office can make a huge difference to our staff and customers. We offer regular contracts and as needed services for different professional settings. Due to the high temperature our steam cleaners reach we are able to ddisinfect your floors while we clean, which is perfect for Daycares and Medical offices. 

Area rug steam cleaning 

Is your rug to large to put in the washing machine? Let us Steam Clean your rug. This cleaning process can be done in your home, it will extend the life of the area rug. Please contact us for pricing.